Creating Appealing Commercial Photography on Long Island

Creating appealing commercial photography for social media, your website, ads and other marketing initiatives is a tough task, and it’s exactly what we do here at the Thomas Decker Studio! 

Thomas Decker has been creating dynamic images for over 35 years on Long Island.  We have outlined some product photography ideas so you can get some inspiration for your next commercial photography job.

These ideas can be useful for your different marketing purposes, whether it is for your online catalog, Instagram page, a blogpost, Facebook ads and everything in between!

Commercial Photography Ideas:

  1. Product Photography for Silhouette (on White) – individual products are photographed with an active clipping path for silhouette. With the active clipping path, you can put the product pictures in any document or website.
  2. Product Photography – still life photos depict your products beautifully in well-thought compositions surrounded by inanimate objects and decorative elements. A true classic.
  3. Location Shots – display your products in breathtaking places where people can envision themselves. These photos can be strictly stills of your products or also lifestyle images. In both cases, they will stop your target audience from scrolling.
  4. Monochromatic Tones – Monochromatic photos are really attractive to the eye, especially for social media. These photos can give out full extravaganza or calm vibes depending of the color and elements chosen for you composition.
  5. Pop of Color – This idea comes close to the monochromatic look; however, this time monochromatic tones are used as contrasting background for your product or another element to stand out or “pop”.
  6. Lifestyle Photography – The great thing about this idea is that it places your product in relatable scenes that connect with your audience. They give your potential customers more context on your products. Your target audience can see themselves in these scenes and understand more about your product than they would with words.
  7. Isometric Pattern – This idea can be done with photoshop or by placing your assortment of products in a consistent way. Definitely an eye-catcher!
  8. Packaging Show-Off – If your products have distinctive, personalized, or aesthetically-pleasing packaging, you should be showing it off! Your audience will surely love to see it.
  9. Mirrors – A creative idea for your next product photography is to play with mirrors. Small, big, vintage, modern, you name it!
  10. Hand in Shot – This approach never gets old, it’s actually an ever-lasting trend in photography. A little peak of a hand can do wonders for the engagement of your customers.
  11. Content Pour-Out – Show your audience what your product contains. You know what they say: it’s the inside that matters. In this case, it’s a useful product photograph for your potential customers who want to see beyond just the packaging of your items.
  12. Blurred Background – Blurred backgrounds are great for mixing lifestyle and product photography. Your product is at main focus, while the background helps with communicating feelings, activities, or other elements related to the lifestyle behind your product.
  13. Geometric Shapes – Similarly to still life, this idea demands wise photography composition – and it’s definitely a must-try. Arrange your products with geometric items to create stunning images that sell.

Whatever your commercial photography needs, please contact us at the Commercial Photography Studio @ 516-694-8980 or  We are here to help.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Thomas Decker Studio!

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