Executive Portraits, Long Island, NY

The Thomas Decker Studio specializes in business executive portraits for corporate clients, individual portraits, professional headshots, and large group portraits.  We have over 35 years’ experience creating large groups of individual portraits for a smooth, organized event.  Stay current with your Website and Social Media portraits and let your clients see the faces of success…. Read more »

eCommerce and Product Photography

What is E-Commerce and Product Photography?    Come see our ability to capture products with lighting and camera choices that accentuate beauty and GET ATTENTION! We use data asset management and per-production product organization.  Photography work is produced expertly with our photographer with over 30 years of professional experience. Call now to set up your… Read more »

Product Photography on Long Island

Product photography is one of the specialties at the Thomas Decker Studio.  A commercial photographer on long island for over 30 years, Thomas Decker is an expert in product photography. Tom’s ability to ask the client questions to ascertain the needed information to assure that the client gets everything they need to accomplish their project… Read more »

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is a form of advertising that creates high-quality images of  products or services to increase business sales. We help businesses showcase their products attractively and grab the attention of customers.  We excel in this field because of our 30 years of successfully accomplishing challenging commercial photography scenarios – and always work to achieve… Read more »

Reproduction Photography Expertise

Exact reproduction of original artwork is the goal achieved by the Thomas Decker Studio.  Oil and Acrylic paintings, architectural drawings, illustrations, watercolors, maps, pencil drawings, 3D artwork, and anything else that cannot be wrapped around a drum scanner, are the subjects photographed. Artwork is photographed by a technical photographer with flat field lenses and high… Read more »

High Demand for Video Content Marketing

More and more corporate clients are experiencing great benefits by utilizing short video content marketing created by the Thomas Decker Studio. Short video marketing is a highly effective way to build your brand and reach your target audience.  Marketers are saying that video is more important than ever with over 80% of businesses use video… Read more »

What is “On-Location” Photography & Videography??

What is “On-Location” Photography & Videography?? “On Location” photography and videography is one of the many services provided by the Thomas Decker Studio. In this scenario, we bring the studio lighting and equipment to your location to maximize the visual impact of your project. This includes using the latest high resolution digital camera, which is… Read more »

Video Production on Long Island at the Thomas Decker Studio

Please take a look at our latest video production work which includes syncopated music video, interview-style video, instructional video, business overview video, and product video.  Thomas Decker Studio prides itself on making small budget videos with a “big budget” feel, using the highest grade technology, we are able to achieve dramatic, eye-catching results for our… Read more »

Creating Appealing Commercial Photography on Long Island

Creating appealing commercial photography for social media, your website, ads and other marketing initiatives is a tough task, and it’s exactly what we do here at the Thomas Decker Studio!  Thomas Decker has been creating dynamic images for over 35 years on Long Island.  We have outlined some product photography ideas so you can get… Read more »