Commercial Photography

Commercial studio photography is the focus of the Thomas Decker Studio.  The studio specializes in product photography, still life photography, food photography, and high volume catalogue photography.  Maximum attention to detail and control of studio lighting allows the subject to be reproduced with brightness and clarity, in high resolution. Interior photography and location photography are both, out of the studio, areas that require experience and practical knowledge of previous situations to achieve remarkable results. High resolution drone photography of buildings and large commercial real estate is the newest feature for the studio, being able to bridge technology and creative image making.

Commercial photography on long island has many types of subject matter, hire the Thomas Decker Studio, to achieve award winning and remember able images.The studio space is a state of the art workspace.  With a robust digital workflow including high resolution capture, expert retouching, archiving, and data asset management. The 2000 Square foot studio is equipped with three shooting areas, a full size garage, lounge, and front office. In addition, the studio space houses Accurate Reproduction Photography which specializes is perfect art reproduction copies. Having photographed many museum collections over the decades of business, the experience level in the copy area is unmatched in the NYC state area

.Commercial location photography is another expertise of the Thomas Decker Studio.  Professional Executive Portraits, crisp Architectural Photography and beautiful Interior Photography are the lifeblood of the business. Bring the entire studio to your facility to precisely photograph your product line is achieved on a regular basis at the Thomas Decker Studio Lighting the subject to blend into the reality of the location, and look three dimensional, with enhanced subject clarity, are the goals regularly achieved during these location productions.The Thomas Decker Studio is a business that regular customers rely on, for over 30 years, to achieve there photographic goals.

commercial-smIf you like the commercial photography of the studio, please take a look at professional executive portraits at

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Reproduction Photography

Thomas Decker Studio specializes in the exact reproduction of artwork.  Oil, Acrylic, Water Color, Pencil illustrations, 3D artwork, and more, are photographed here.

Commercial photography of artwork is another specialty of the Thomas Decker Studio.  From one original to large collections, we provide white glove service for your one of a kind artwork.

Our 9’x8′ copy wall accommodates large subjects and provides light illumination and no distortion.

Check out some of our our commercial photography


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360 Degree Product Photography

The newest photographic technique at the Thomas Decker Studio is the 360 Degree Product Spin.  The turntable, lighting, camera, and computer are all synced together allowing a series of images to be captured to create 360 degree spinning products or people. High resolution digital captures stitched together to create smooth spinning subject matter. From 1 ounce to 200 pounds, the turntable can accommodate all subject matters regardless of size and weight. Crisp studio lighting in conjunction with the latest in 360 spin technology enables the Thomas Decker Studio to create dynamic movement for your subject matter.

The state of the art turntable is able to handle up to a 200lb subject. Subjects that have been accomplished successfully are, people, large cabinetry, heavy magnetic drill presses, and other large devices. With synchronization the turntable and camera and lights work together to create the series of images used to make the 360 degree product spin. The high resolution digital camera automates the capture process to manage your final photographs.

The post production software allows the pictures to be saved in a variety of formats and styles. Where to place the control buttons in the frame, the amount of spin automatically before the user interacts, are all set controls before authoring.  HTML5, Flash, QuickTime, and JavaScript files gives the customer the choice of how to develop and construct their website.  Being the leader in 360 degree product spin photography on Long Island, the Thomas Decker Studio is a resource for customers to ask questions and receive guidance for their website development.

If you like the 360 Virtual Reality product spin, then check out our still life photography samples to see the way we can construct a living environment to surround your product and give the feelings of realistic environment.

Still Life Photography

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